Summer Tomato Relish

I used to hate tomatoes as a kid. If it wasn’t in a sauce that required being covered in cheese. I more than likely wanted nothing to do with it. Of course over time with the maturation of my palette and the ability to experience new things. Tomatoes are no longer on my hit list. And though I have a mild allergy to them that tends to cause itching. I often find my epidermis at the altar of sacrifice to enjoy the juicy fruits…and whether or not you consider them a fruit is a dispute for another day.
Summer Tomato Relish on The Local Forkful: Recipe by Charles Hunter III       I love the summer time and not just because pool season is in full effect. It’s the abundance of beautiful fresh produce that becomes available during this warm time of year. I enjoy the fact that living in Nashville leaves no shortage of the summer gems. Farmers Markets are readily available within a short drive to your summer gold. And it’s kind of hard to keep up with what produce is in season if you’re not paying attention.

Here’s a little list to get you started: