personal chef, Charles Walter Hunter III, black personal chef in Nashville, tnHi, I’m Charles Hunter III, and I’m a personal chef, recipe developer, and food blogger living in Nashville, TN with my lovely wife, Jenna. I spent years in the restaurant industry when I began to experience burnout. I knew I needed a change and wanted to do something where I could tell my story through food.

I tell people all the time that I tripped and fell into becoming a personal chef that cooks for people from all walks of life. There are days when I still pinch myself to make sure it is all real. I studied at the Rel Maples Institute of Culinary Arts, which really strengthened my foundation in cooking when it comes to the science of how it all works. But I attribute a lot of my ability to cook to my family members that I spent innumerable hours following around the kitchen, asking where I could help.

My sister and I spent a reasonable amount of our youth with my grand and great grandmothers whom lived in a duplex about a mile away from us. Our parents both had full-time jobs, so we’d get off the bus at my grandmothers in the evening. This is where is I cultivated my love for my cooking and I haven’t parted ways with it since.

All I want to do as a personal chef is inspire people to gather together, eat well and love each other. Food is truly the great connector, its something we all have in common because it sustains us, and brings us into the company of strangers who often become friends. I get thorough enjoyment watching people consume a meal that I created, and that feeling of euphoria is why I continue to do what I do.

When I’m not in the kitchen, you’ll find me doing diy projects, drawing, writing poetry or reading cookbooks. Contact me thesaltedtable(at)gmail(dot)com to work together or find out more about me.


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