The first thing I like to do when searching for food blogs is read about the author or authors. Its nice to know whose stories your reading, or in some cases, who’s photos you’re gazing through.

1. Who am I?

My name is Charles Hunter III. I used to be so embarrassed to say that I was the third but it has grown on me over the years. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed cooking since I was a child. My sister and I spent a lot of time with my grand and great grandmothers growing up. I grew up in Oak Ridge, TN and now I currently reside in Nashville, TN with my lovely wife Jenna and our dog, Ellie.

I studied at the Rel Maples Institute of Culinary Arts in Sevierville, TN. My major was Culinary Arts and Business Management. It was here my love for cooking and baking were reinforced by some of the industries most talented chefs and pastry artists. I literally could’ve spent the rest of my life in culinary school. It is that much fun, depending upon your instructors.

2. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I get bored really easy. I do the same thing at work all the time and there’s no outlet for me to be creative. Food blogging allows me to cook in more of an organic setting. Often the things that I blog about are what we’re eating for dinner, random things I thought about in my sleep or the musings of too much cookbook reading. One thing you’ll notice is that I’m not always keeping up with the seasons like most bloggers, because that’s not realistic for what’s taking place in my kitchen at any given time.

3. What do I do in real life?

Monday through Saturday I am a chef or an ‘aspiring chef’ as I like to say. I don’t think that I’m fully prepared to conquer the term yet. I work two jobs because living in Nashville is not cheap and I enjoy doing more than one thing to keep from becoming bored. Which happens fast when you’re a creative type. So blogging is my third job and no, this does not pay. Yet, at least.

4. What kind of food do I enjoy cooking?

Well, where should I start? I’m actually capable of cooking a little bit of everything from a lot of genres of cuisine. This just so happens to come from years of cooking in the industry and watching closely. As for for my preferred type of food to cook, it is a rustic southern comfort style with some French influence. I’m a lover of fresh produce, slow cooked meat, and hearty dishes in a pretty format. Now, I don’t always get a chance to cook this kind of food because my wife and I have very different diets. We are huge lovers of dessert, so you will see a good bit of the sweet stuff, especially if it involves chocolate. So what you see on the blog is a more realistic version of what a typical dinner night might look like. As time goes on I hope to give you a little more of what I do.

5. What are my extracurricular activities and hobbies look like?

I’m an artist. I don’t have any technical training besides a few classes here and there. But when the time allots I enjoy a paint brush in hand. I like mixed media, acrylics and pastels. I also tend to be an avid doodler of randomness. If you follow on Instagram you’ll see my DIY projects that I’m working on such as chalkboards and cork art. As a child I read the dictionary because I have an affinity for words. Big ones, little ones, I love them all. I occasionally enjoy reading poetry. You’ll often see my love of art spill over into my photos and writing.

6. What kind of camera do you use?

I’m not even nearly professional enough to start informing you about photography and what kind of camera you need. But I use my VSO app on my iPhone 4S in combination with my Kodak 10X. One day I’ll be able to afford some fancy DSLR something or other but until then, these work fine.

The Fray// Jesus Culture
Agnes Obel// The Xx
Birdy// Bryan & Katie Torwait
Cat Power// Florence & The Machine
A Fine Frenzy// Tori Kelly
Missy Higgins// Fleet Foxes
Natalie Grant// Iron & Wine
Matt Kearney// The Civil Wars
Audrey Assad// Nick & Liesl
The Kopecky Family Band// Ben Rector
Mumford & Sons// Steve Moakler
Keane// Corinne Bailey Rae
John Legend// Estelle

Napoleon Dynamite// 300
The Break-Up// The Anchorman
Gladiator// Wicker Park
Eat. Pray. Love.// Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
The Breakfast Club// Little Miss Sunshine
Kill Bill 1.& 2.// about a boy
In A World// A Christmas Story
Ginger & Rosa// Becoming Jane
Hannah Arendt// The Shining
Frances Ha// The Romantics
Pan’s Labyrinth// The Stories We Tell
20 feet from Stardom

Salvador Dali
Ken Poloke
Cody Hooper
Van Gogh
Carol Saffell

Things I love
NPR Tiny desks concerts
yard/garage sales
dessert(cake & ice cream)
funky socks
trying new things
reading cookbooks
lingering in McKays Used Books
talking about food
writing poetry
watching movies


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