Personal Chef Services in Nashville, TN, Black Owned Business

What is The Salted Table Co? Salted Table Co is an in-home dining experience designed to give you a unique event worthy of remembering. I believe that ‘the meal’ is best enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, where you are able to entertain your guests and your guests are able to interact with the chef one on one. It is my desire to share my food stories, the hard work and passion of our local farmers and artisans alike with the people who consume/utilize their products.

You will also be able to access the recipes that we cook for you on our blog so you can enjoy them over and over. It is my goal to educate my clients on food preparation, cooking techniques and share ways to make cooking enjoyable and less stressful at home.

Personal Chef Services, Nashville, TN, Black Owned Business, In-Home Catering

What kind of events do we cater? There is no limit to the creative events we can cater for you in the comfort of your own home. see events listed below:

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[] Realty Dinner/Hors d’oeuvre Events
[] House Warming Events
[] Off To College BBQ/Dinner
[] Saturday Brunch
[] Charter Airplane Catering
[] Intimate Back-Yard Weddings
[] Bachelorette/Bachelor Cooking Parties
[] Wild Game Supper for The Hunters
[] Intimate Dinner for Two or More
[] Birthday Party Brunch, Lunch or Dinner
[] Family Reunion (Parties of 30 or less)
[] Business Luncheon or Dinner Event
[] Holiday Work Gatherings

How Does It work? The Salted Table Company will work with you on a menu that fits your special occasion. I pride myself on offering original creations that aren’t your typical catering options so the choices are endless. We prepare southern-inspired foods with influences from many cultures that allow us to provide your guests with many options.

The Meeting. Depending upon the season, we will arrange a time to meet and discuss your event whether it be over the phone or your favorite local coffee shop (Steadfast, if you’re asking?). We will discuss the menu and any dietary restrictions, allergies, likes/dislikes or any other food-related needs at that time. I will schedule a time to take a tour of your kitchen in order to prepare for the equipment that I will be need to make your event a success. We will bring our own cookware, but will occasionally utilize components in your kitchen with your blessing and leave them as we found them. If the season is busy, I may just have you send me a photo of your kitchen space.

Pricing. My service fee starts at 200.00 and increases based upon the complexity of your menu and the number of guests. This price does not include staffing for your gathering. I ask that you send me an email to ‘the salted table (at) gmail dot com’ and I will send you the pricing info. Every event is not treated the same so there are modifications that have to be made in order to accommodate some events. We will iron down these prices and discuss a budget that works for your event needs. A 200.00 deposit is taken to secure the date of your event. This deposit could increase based upon the number of guests. Deposits are non-refundable if the event is canceled, but the deposit is transferable if the date of your gathering needs to be rescheduled.

Rentals. I utilize the clients dishes, flatware, glasses and linen napkins. If you would like to purchase rentals, we can discuss your options from local purveyors.

Please FILL OUT the form below and I will respond at my earliest convenience because chances are, I’m cooking. You can call 865.591.1244 – Feel free to text me prior to calling to insure I’m not wasting time with a telemarketer. Thanks! 


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