Nashville Restaurant Week!…Nom Nom Nom!

Well, it’s that time again friends. That week of the year when Nashville brings you some of the Best Deals you’ll find all year in the ‘Dining Out Scene’. Granted you should do your research and choose carefully. I’m gonna try to lead you in the right direction. Here’s some of our Restaurant Week faves, and remember we’re all about reasonably priced good eats. So if you’ve got the change then feel free to grab some of the pricier deals….

Provence Breads & Cafe Soup & bread 2.13
Fido Daily board specials plus dessert 20.13
Table 3 Two course lunch 13.13
McCabe Pub Two burgers with chips or fries 12.13
Saffire 3-course dinner 25.13

Here’s a couple of tips for getting the most out of Restaurant Week:

  • Grab a friend or plan a date night! Two is always better than one. If the establishment will allow. Split the deal & possibly hit more than one restaurant in a day.
  • Make plans to try out the lunch deals which are easy on the pocket or plan to grab some of the dinner deals with a group of friends. Then you can try several items off the menu selections. Yum!…assuming you have nice friends.

Let the gluttony pursue! And tweet us @localforkful to let us know if you find a menu that’s a must have!

Author: Charles Hunter III

Hi. I'm Charles, a Personal Chef, Blogger & Recipe Developer. Welcome to The Salted Table. A space where I tell stories about food, life & living in Nashville, TN.

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