Retro Sno…A blast from the past!

Oh the weather outside is frightful…and that’s actually a true story because it has been hot as ‘hell’, literally. And what better way to cool off  than with the awesome ladies at the Retro Sno truck. These girls are whipping up melt in your mouth delicious sno balls that will have you coming back for more. We first experienced Retro Sno while on our way to The Biscuit Love Truck. I hadn’t even heard about this Retro Sno until then. My wife being the genius that she is decided why not grab some shaved ice to go with our Miss Princess Biscuits. I didn’t object, who would? Not only do they use the old fashion form of shaving your sno ball from a single block of ice. Giving you that soft fresh fallen snow feel. They’re also whipping up their own flavors to keep you entertained and on your toes.

We ordered the Rainbow Sno Cup and my own mixture of Peach and Wedding Cake. They didn’t disappoint in the least. They even have concoctions for the foodie at heart like Frozen White Mocha, Red Hawt & Creamy Chai Latte. Really, what else could I say besides find these ladies when you’ve got some down time from the  mundane rituals of life. With the temperature hanging around the hundred zone you’re gonna wish Retro Sno would set up shop in your front yard.

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The Grilled Cheeserie….Lucky Bread!

Welcome to the first installment of Fork-bites. We decided to start giving you the bits and pieces before the whole cow. It seemed unfair to keep our followers from knowing where they need to spend their precious dollars. So we’re bringing you mini reviews so you know who we reccommend for great dining experiences. And then we will return to give you the Who? What? Whens? and Wheres? of our Culinary Adventures.

We dined @ the delicious Grilled Cheeserie Food Truck parked in the Centennial Park. This was not our first homage to find the nostalgic wagon that delivers those ooey-gooey perfections. Crystal and Joseph definitely have these delectable sammiches down to a science. I had the ‘The Caliente’, which has chorizo, pepper-jack, and avocado aioli layered between two grilled to perfection slices of sourdough bread.I salivate thinking of it. I hope you like it spicy because this sandwich has a kick that’s not intended for those without Pepcid AC in their pocket. (But it’s worth the pain) My wife had the  Gruyere/Swiss blend which she says you can’t eat without asking for a side of pickles. She’s right, there’s something about the sweet, nutty, buttery, tangy and creamy that just works! If this wasn’t enough, we put the cherry on top with The Grilled Cheeserie’s old fashioned Tomato Soup. My grandma never made this unless it was accompanied with rice, but in this version, no rice necessary. It was delicious all on it’s own.

Please, if you visit this little piece of Nashville Food Truck heaven, don’t adorn your cheese sandwich with any extra condiments, you can’t upgrade ‘Cheesy Perfection’.

We definitely will become ‘serial Grilled Cheeser’s’ and we recommend you jump on the wagon. You won’t be sorry!