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Hey friends! If you’ve been following me on twitter. Then you might know that some of our eating habits have changed in the past few months. My wife, Jenna, as a post bone-marrow transplant recipient typically has crazy things happening with her body. And well, the Dr.s think she may be developing a gluten and dairy allergy (bummer). This revelation has led us to find new and creative ways for her to enjoy the things she loves while keeping me sane as I try not to eat the things she can’t have in front of her…The things we do for love. So when thinkTHIN approached me with a giveaway for their bars. It was a no-brainer.  There’s something for everyone and the you can find them in a dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher format! Score! thinkTHIN Coconut Crunch Bars

     They’re giving a complete Wellness Box which includes: a box of thinkThin® Creamy Peanut Butter high protein bars (with 0g sugar), one box of thinkThin® Blueberry Mixed Nuts Crunch Bars (with 8g protein and 70% less sugar than leading fruit and nut bars), and one box of thinkThin® Coconut Chocolate Mixed Nuts Crunch Bars.thinkTHIN Peanut Crunch Bars      Did I mention that thinkThin Crunch is non-GMO?  (genetically modified organisms) thinkThin is working closely with Whole Foods to find and develop readily available sources of non-GMO proteins, connect them with their current suppliers and get them on the path.  Thanks to Whole Foods, a new economy will be created around non-GMO that even mainstream brands can sustain on.

     We discovered the bars doing the ‘I don’t know what I’m looking for stroll’ down the aisles of Whole Foods. And we stumbled upon the coconut chocolate bars. Now, you might look at the bars and think decadence in a health conscious format. But, that’s not the case. The thinkTHIN bars are mildly sweetened and make a great pick me up before lunch or dinner. And what better way to start that summer workout regiment or begin a new chapter in your eating habits? Also visit for some recipe ideas using their bars.

    Congratulations! Our Winner of the thinkTHIN Wellness Box is Dee from the Send us your address and we will contact you for your prize instructions!

A winner will be chosen at random and posted here on Wednesday 29. Be sure to come back and Check! You will have until Friday 31, 9am to claim your prize before a new winner is chosen. thinkTHIN Blueberry and Mixed Nuts

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