NY Pie…Start spreading the news!

Start spreading the news! We’re eating today. We’re gonna be apart of it…Ok, you get the point. We were just getting into town on a rainy day in August when friends introduced us to NY Pie in the West Meade Shopping Center. It’s a forgettable location nestled between a nail salon and Blue Coast Burrito, but you won’t forget about it once you get your hands on one of those delicious pies.

The Food. I’ve never been to New York but I trust that if Greg Meyer and his gang say it’s the real thing, then its the real thing. I’ve yet to visit Manny’sย in Germantown or even have a slice from City Houseย but until then, NY Pie is where it’s at for all things Pizza. Not only do they have pizza but they offer a plethora of other Italian favorites from strombolis to cannolis. And I have had the worst luck finding a good cannoli in Nashville. Luckily, NY Pie makes a pretty legit one, but I’m still on the search for the ones I found in the North End of Boston, MA.

We typically have to get a large pie with half Greek and half pepperoni mushroom. I actually believe we’ve ordered a solid cheese pie many a time because it’s just soooo good. We’ve also tried the Garlic Chicken, take it or leave it. The NY Meat And NY Special, winners every time. And don’t forget your order of Garlic Knots, those buttery balls of dough will complete your jonesing for something that is simplistically filling. And ask for an extra side of the herb garlic butter, you can never have enough to put on them. I’ve yet find a pizzeria where I’m a fan of getting it by the slice, and same here, I’m only recommending that you get a whole pie unless you see a new one fly out the wood burning oven. It’s the only way and you won’t be disappointed. Tell them Local Forkful food blog sent you.

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The Ambiance. NY Pie is a quaint hole in the wall of the West Meade Shopping Center. They have a small bar minus the alcohol to offer you a front row seat to the pizza-making itself. Great family restaurant for kids. If weather permitting they have a nice patio out back with umbrellas and an aisle of four-tops on the inside. Enjoy some of the beautiful photography taken by Greg’s wife, Jessica. The place is adorned with snaps from real NY city sites. The place is buzzing with tunes that range from Sinatra to Jerry Vale & MJ.

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  1. Funny timing! I had to run out to the Target in Nashville West this evening. Well..I could’ve gone to any other one but *had* to because I wanted to finally try NY Pie! Amanda [love and nachos/an organic process] tweeted and instagrammed one of their pies recently and she had nothing but good things to say so I picked up a 10″ NY White [with black olives] for myself. It was great! We’ve got a plethora of tasty pizza options in our neighborhood on the East side but whenever I find myself out across the river, I’ll definitely be stopping by. Next on my list? The cannoli or tiramisu.

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