Bobbie’s Dairy Dip….Shakes, Malts & Burgers, Oh! My!

The Ambience. I’m a fool for simple prepared meals at a good price, throw in some nostalgia and I’m sold. You get that and maybe a little more with Bobbies Dairy Dip on Charlotte Pike. Fifteen or so recommendations later and we finally made our way over to the 50’s 60’s inspired carhop. The almost forgettable food stand is nestled into Charlotte Pike between Krystal’s and Miel Restaurants. Minimally decor-ed in old car cut-outs, bright neon’s and a kitschy car-hop woman. You will be swept into a time where living was easy and leather jackets were plentiful.

The Food. We have ordered a plethora of things within our last few visits. It is our new Nashville discovery that we find ourselves visiting frequently . We enjoy the veggie and black bean burger with the regular hand-cut fries. My wife is a fool for sweet potato fries so we typically end up with an order of those as well. You may say to yourself why vegetable burgers at Bobbie’s Dairy Dip and I prefer them over the beef burger. It didn’t move me. Until I can make the judgement call about Gabby’s, my burger joint is better left to The Pharmacy. The burgers at Bobbies are nothing to write home about but they are good and filling. If you make it a combo; it’s more than likely you won’t finish it all. I am infatuated with the James Brown Milkshake, all you have to say is chai and I’m invested. This shake is a “soulful blend of coffee, chai, chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream.” It’s really good.

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The Service. You won’t find a staff thrilled about slapping buns together and schlopping milkshakes around. But they are typically friendly for the most part and relatively accommodating. If you are of the impatient sort and you see a line when you pull in, leave. No need to bust an ulcer over it, just come back another day. They’ll be waiting on you.


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