Plus de café et du chocolat s’il vous plaît?

We just knew you couldn’t afford to miss out this experience. The eclectic creators of Mast Brothers Chocolate is a new introduction to an old world favorite. The neighsayers don’t realize this chocolate is to be cherished and not mearly gobbled down like that of a…dare I say it! Hershey’s Bar. (We love you Hersh) But anyways, come and rediscover you muse for the American infatuation with edible gold.

Oh, yeah! The title of the ‘highlight’ is “More coffee and chocolate, please?”

[There are moments in life when you taste something and it completely changes your perspective on what you can get from a certain type of product. It could be an fresh-picked heirloom tomato, a masterfully crafted beer, or a hand-brewed cup of coffee. If you haven’t already had this happen with chocolate, Mast Brothers Chocolate will most certainly do it – and we’re proud to now be selling a selection of their bars at dose.

Working out of Brooklyn, NY, Mast Brothers has slowly been building critical acclaim and a widening fan base. They specialize in “bean-to-bar” chocolate, hand crafted from carefully sourced cocoa beans from around the world . Tried side-by-side, the post-fermentation smoked Papua New Guinea bar and the single farm Sambirano Valley bar from Madagascar have distinctively different and decidedly delicious flavor profiles – as do all their chocolates.

If you’re still not convinced, then take the opportunity to try some at dose. on Thursday February 9th as we lead a tasting of chocolates from Mast Brothers, Askinosie, and Ritual – paired with some fine coffees from our latest Featured Roaster, Verve Coffee in Santa Cruz, CA! It just may be an “ah-ha” moment for your tastebuds.]

Coffee + Chocolate = <3
Thursday February 9th at 7:30pm @ dose. [coffee & tea]
This is a free event and registration is not required!

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