The Jam Coffee House….Where hipsters hang loose!

I can’t help myself , I love my coffee shops, but we will get around to some actual restaurants eventually!…Bear with. My wife arrived home from work and the first words from her mouth were. “Let’s go to The Jam Coffee House, I got a deal on Scout Mob.” This wouldn’t be the first time she’s swooned me into trying something new with her discount deals. Which is a great way to try new things I might add.

We arrived to The Jam Coffee House on the corner of a strip of small business’ located at the segway of Wedgewood and 12 South. The outside of the building does not demand much attention.  I know I’ve passed it several times on the way to The Frothy Monkey. But once you enter those doors, your greeted by kitschy 50’s decor and an environment reminiscent of Grandma’s house. If you have a ‘cool grandma’. This joint is  decked with retro lounge chairs, diner tables and nostalgic black and white prints that’ll have you wondering where’s the Fonz.

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We perused the Lunch & Breakfast Menu selections which consisted of items such as the Mama Mia Sandwich, the Reggie Veggie Sandwich, and the Two Bomb Vegetarian Tacos which I ordered. The tacos were simplistically delicious, only lacking a little S&P and maybe lime juice(but that’s subjective). They’re adorned with shredded cabbage, avocado, Monterey Jack cheese, smushed pintos and the piece de resistance was the house-made taco sauce. This was accompanied by my heavenly, no joke, friends, heavenly Punjabi!

I know, who the heck is Punjabi, well I don’t know, but they’ve got one mean drink named after them. A delightful concoction of espresso, sweetened condensed milk, spiced w/ cardamom over ice. OMG! It was good. 

The Jam  also  offers third wave coffee techniques, 50 selections of specialty teas and some good breakfast options. They also locally source some of they’re products, which we are a huge fan of at The Local Forkful. You can find bread featured from Provence Breads & Cafe, bakery treats from Lucy’s Kitchen, and non-homogenized milk from Gammon Farms.

My wife Jenna ordered the Bok-Bok Panini (yes, that’s chicken). A grilled sandwich on flaxseed bread with chicken, colby-jack, pesto and avocado. It was your typical panini with your typical fillings, but done superbly. You had the crispy crunch of the the grilled bread, all that flavor from the basil pesto coming through the chewy colby-jack and that buttery avocado just fit so perfectly. So if you’re a Panera Bread, Which Which fan, you’ve got a new option for well composed sandwiches and great hand-crafted drinks.

If these hip ladies Maile, Bethany & Diana(not in photo) keep it up, they’ll have it  ‘Made in the Shade’.

The Jam Coffee Shop also features Live Music on Saturday Nights!