The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden….Your NEW Addiction!

The Food. Dear god of all things greasy. No more mediocre burger joints please! That was the first thought when I overheard someone speak of The Pharmacy in East Nashville. But that opinion quickly changed once we made our way over to 731 McFerrin to get our hands on those burgers. We noticed the line out the door as we arrived. You know what that means, let the waiting pursue. We viewed the menu while waiting for a table to free. It didn’t take much for me to conclude that if you open up a ‘burger parlor’ then why not see how well your basic burger holds up? It was fantastic. I got The Pharmacy Burger and my wife got The Pharmacy Burger, sub turkey, which I could almost swear to you was better than the beef. I’m just sayin’.  While the bun that holds together the cheesy meaty goodness could be debatable as to whether it’s a  ‘Burger Connoisseurs’ favorite. We loved it. The bun created by Nashville’s own Provence Breads & Cafe are soft and slightly chewy but delicious all the same. Don’t forget the hand-cut fries with that Cheesy Tennessee burger or maybe even the sweet potato fries.(which I am over the sweet potato fry craze,enough already, but my wife is a die-hard fan) They also have pasta & potato salad which we weren’t a fan of.  The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden also slings a fancy shlew of house-made brats, felafel and veggie burgers, an array of dipping sauces & nostalgic soda fountain-style carbonated beverages, shakes and malts. We recommend the Creamsicle Orange  Soda as well as the Chocolate Soda. Those beverages will serve as a fantastic spouse to the burger or brat heading your way. A marriage worth fighting for; no pun intended.

The Ambiance & Service. Upon entering The Pharmacy you’re greeted by dim lighting, brown  contemporary wood fixtures, bar stools and soda shop inspired art adorn the walls. Simplistically chic to say the least, but a great hangout for the hipster crowd that East Nash plays host to. The service can often be a hot mess! There have been many occasions where the wait has been more than unbearable and the service slower than Christmas in February! But if you can get past the madness that is the ‘Indie’ world of dining then prepare to enjoy one good meal.