Welcome to Local Forkful

I am elated to bring you  Local Forkful. We aspire to bring you the best in  culinary eats that Nashville has to offer, plus.

Don’t pigeon-hole us here at Local Forkful. We will be highlighting everything from your favorite eateries, local businesses, local farmers, giving you our favorite playlist selections from your favorite coffee shops and more. Maybe even throw you a few deals for following us on Twitter.https://twitter.com/#!/localforkful

We intend to deliver you the best in mom & pop food eateries around. That  will  keep your appetite fulfilled and satisfied. We aspire to get behind the scenes to deliver the Nashville Food Scene to you in a new and exciting format. Spread the word and Prepare to be served the  best in good eats by Local Forkful.

Check out the FAQs, FYIs, & more below:

Aaaahhh! Food Blog….Not Another One!
‘Local Forkful’ is not your ordinary food blog. We are strivin’ to find the best of the best that Nashville has to offer in delicious eats. We are advocates for the buy local movement, supporting the mom & pops of the Nashville Area.

Why should I read it?
Duh!…So you no longer waste you’re time & energy walking into restaurants looking for something new & exciting. Only to leave the establishment with a bad taste in your mouth.  Local Forkful wants to relieve the food patrons of Nashville from these stressful experiences by doing the homework for you.
(Don’t worry, no report cards here)

You might even learn something about that guy who makes your non-fat latte!

What sets us apart?
The Local Forkful will be taking a deeper look into your local favorite places to eat. At the owner’s allowance, we plan to make some of the items you enjoy to discover why they’re so good. And maybe even ‘borrow’ a recipe or two?


  • We want to find out who’s the staff?
  • What is in this? It’s so good!
  • Do they enjoy what they do?
  • What’s the inspiration behind this place?
  • Why this location? Why Nashville, TN
  • How can I work here?

How does the ‘Local Forkful’ benefit my business?
Do you have to ask? We will be plugged into today’s most popular social media sources. Facebook, WordPress.com & Twitter. Practically providing free advertisement for you and your business.
Which = bringing in the dollars!!!…I mean, PEOPLE! We also aspire to be a published entity in local media. Therefore producing even more regular patrons and allowing you to better establish yourself in Nashville! Or just take it over!

How do you pronounce it? Fork-fole..Fork-foul..Fork-foe?

No, No, No!…It’s Fork-full. We just like One ‘l’ better.

Thanks for being apart of something NEW!

Author & Food Enthusiast: Charles Hunter III