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Nashville Restaurant Week

It’s here again and I know you’ve been waiting for it like many of us. It’s Nashville Original’s Restaurant Week and time for you to break that wallet in a desperate attempt to snatch some of these deals. Many of Nashville’s favorite Eateries will be offering 2 for 1’s, bogo deals and pick 3’s from some of their regular menu options as well as daily specials. Here’s a list of all the offerings. We haven’t tried all of them yet! But we’ll steer you in the direction of some of our favorite cheap eats. Provence Breads & Cafe Bowl of homemade soup & bread 2.12 Jackson’s Bar & Bistro entrée & Dessert 20.12 Table 3 Market Breakfast 5.12 And if you follow on Twitter some restaurants will even extend their deals into next week so choose your fav and visit more than once. In the future I would even like to see Coffee Shops get in on this, who wouldn’t love a pastry and a latte for $3.00?

Mint & Basil Cantaloupe Granita

Sometimes ice cream just won’t cut it, wait, scratch that! Ice cream will always cut it but sometimes your taste buds desire a different chilling experience. And you can get it all in this simple granita recipe that will satisfy your thirst and relieve your hot weather blues. I remember the first time I discovered this stuff. I made it with Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid. No, not grape, don’t judge me, but it was still amazing. I hope you love it now as much as I did then. Mint & Basil Cantaloupe Granita 1 medium cantaloupe 1/4 granulated sugar 1/4 orange juice 5-8 leaves fresh mint 4-5 leaves fresh basil 1. Cut your cantaloupe in half. Use a large spoon or ice cream scoop to remove the seeds. Now you can either opt to scoop the fruit out using the ice cream scoop. Or resort to that culinary talent and cut the fruit into quarters and filet it off the rind. 2. Place fruit into blender or food processor with the sugar, orange juice, and herbs. …

The Peach Truck…Summer Obsession!

How painful to only enjoy good peaches from June to July. Everyone knows a good ripe, juicy peach is often hard to find with local commercial chains peddling the unripened, often mealy ones. Most civilians aren’t aware that leaving them in a paper bag for a couple of days is the remedy. The Peach Truck typically takes this process out of the equation by bringing you the best peaches from his aunt & uncle’s very own peach farm in Fort Valley, Goergia. The farm is located southwest of Macon on 1500 acres of supple peaches awaiting Nashville local chefs and foodies alike to whip up salivating culinary creations. I spoke with Steven Rose briefly, the man behind the tweets and pickup truck instagram shots. He says briefly after he and his wife married and began their lives in Nashville. He had somewhat of a hard time finding peaches to his satisfaction. He shared this hardship with his aunt and uncle who inspired him to bring the edible candy up the interstate to you and me. …