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How to make French Press coffee: Recipe by The Local Forkful

How to make French Press coffee

“I think that possibly maybe I’m falling for you.” One of the many songs involving one of my favorite things. I can recollect early Sunday mornings watching my great grandmother make coffee. It was very rare that my parents would ever drink coffee, actually I would go as far as to say that coffee was a foreign concept in our home. If we were drinking anything relative to the bean, it was in the form of an icy cold frap mostly consumed by a syrup of some sort (probably chocolate in my case). My great grandmother, who we referred to as Nanny had an internal clock that would hardly ever let her sleep past the 6 a.m. hour. And her morning ritual was a cup of black coffee in a floral mug. I remember how the sun grazed over her one acre garden outback and seeped in through the kitchen window. As I stood in the doorway, I can recall the beams of light blinding me as her silhouette reached for the shimmery blue can …

Sweet Basil Lemonade: Recipe by The Local Forkful

Sweet Basil Lemonade

      I don’t believe there’s another beverage that embodies summer better than a chilled glass of lemonade. It’s wonderful how something so simplistic can evoke so many emotions and memories in one sip. I know I’ve seen a handful of kids with lemonade stands on my weekend yard sale excursions. I remember the typical lemonade growing up was a powder mixture version if you were at my house. I mean, don’t persecute my mother for robbing us of the purity that is lemonade. She would still garnish it with a couple of real fruit slices. But I recollect a visit to my grandma’s house was the real deal, usually in the center of the table atop one of her linen table cloths finished with lace corners.      My grandmother was a hard-line woman but you could occasionally get over on her. If you wanted dessert, it was either a glass of lemonade or one scoop of ice cream. It was rarely ever both.      Lemonade is so easy to make but most people shutter …