World Vision Coffee |Giveaway & Review| Contest Closed project : The Local ForkfulSometimes I think about all the frivolous things I spend my money on. You know, those things that you really don’t need but somehow you find a way to justify that purchase? I believe we’re all guilty but I’m not here to convict you, but too merely help you think twice before you grab that next impulse buy.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.”

They work in over one-hundred countries despite one’s religion, race, ethnicity or gender. It is a beautiful organization composed of people who simply want to be the hands and feet of Christ. In giving back to people who don’t impulse buy because there are no frivolous things to purchase. World Vision provides livestock, clean water, education, food and shelter amongst many other things to those around the world without the proper project : The Local Forkful

“I’m ecstatic to be working with them today to tell you about the project. “The One Cup Project was founded on a simple idea: your purchases have power. We want to use that power to do something really good, something for more than just profit, something that can change the world.”

“Every $13 bag you buy at sends a $2 donation to World Vision, which is then multiplied 5.5x by matching grant partners (USAID, Care, Land O’ Lakes Foundation) so $13 goes to fund the good work World Vision does in Africa. The One Cup Project has a 0% administrative cost.”

“Dollar for dollar – now that’s revolutionary. It’s business and non-profit working together. Come change the world with us.” project : The Local Forkful

(all quotes taken directly from and

Giveaway Rules
You can enter this giveaway 3 different ways…
1. Simply leave a comment below telling me how you would change the world to help those who can’t help themselves?
2. Follow me on twitter and retweet the contest.
3. Follow me on Instagram and leave a comment on the giveaway post photo.

The winner will be chosen January 12, 2014 and notified via email or social media. If you do not respond within 24 hours I will choose another winner. And even if you don’t win the giveaway, please visit and purchase a bag of coffee for a great cause! Good Luck!


Author: Charles Hunter III

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12 thoughts on “World Vision Coffee |Giveaway & Review| Contest Closed”

  1. I raise my glass to you Charles for dedicating a post sharing about an organization doing good out in the world and how we can get involved. Nicely done! Also, your photos in this post are lovely.

  2. Charles this is just great. I shall go over and purchase some coffee. I think I would change the world to where there are more folks like you doing this sort of social awareness via social media. I admire your support for this organization and as usual I enjoy your blog very much.

    1. Thanks Teresa. It is indeed a wonderful organization and it delights my heart to hear you say that you’ll support the cause. They do such great work. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I really like this blog Charles, and to be honest you told me to check it out a long time ago! I finally got around to it and even for someone who doesn’t cook too much I think I could get into it because of this blog. Anyway, this post was great. Its always good to help worthwhile causes in any way possible. I think your question about what one would do to change the world is difficult. This question makes me realize how much I am not doing. Hopefully I can help non profits in the near future by assisting them with design and website creation (once I learn all the coding I need of course). Even though it isn’t much I think that making a beautiful logo or website can definately give an organization the best presentation possible. I don’t expect to receive anything from this comment and even if I do I’m going to buy a bag of coffee anyway.

    1. When it comes to giving your time and talent to non-profits, every little bit helps and I’m sure they wouldn’t consider any task too small. I hope I have inspired you to pick up sauté pan now and again. 😉 Thanks Yanny for stopping by!

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